Tuesday, October 11, 2005

media blackout

For those in other countries Rhodri Morgan is the first minister of the Welsh Assembly, abit like Tony Blair as the figure head but without the power of parliament.

After a year of demonstrating outside the Assembly I did this one for the new year. The wording has changed since this photo. I'll blog the new version as soon as I'm able but for those who like to know it now reads 'Rhodri Morgans cabinet cited in torture of mental health patient trial'

Which not only fits my history but was also done for any mental health sufferer who was on a hunger strike outside the Assembly. All because the Minister for health and social services couldn't overide a paychiatrist on her behalf and ring a surgeon who was happy to do an operation. Well you don't go on hunger strike for nothing do you. She was as distressed as I have been, yet the media were more interested in covering the hunger strike of asylum seekers to this country, than the plight of a mental health sufferer.

Yep Captain Fury on the loose. best wishes to us all Crazydave

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