Tuesday, October 11, 2005

media blackout n the BBC

Here we go, Sorry about the interior shot but it makes the image more readable. Yep in the u.k. you have to pay a TV licence if you even just have a TV for watching video.

I have asked the chief constable of this area if She can give me the figures on how many people have been either fined, charged courts cost, or been charged £1,000 for none payment since its inception. I've asked one member of each of the parties in the Welsh Assembly if they could find out what they are.

You guessed it so far not one of them has come up with the goods. Suprised? not me. Why choose Grandpa Simpson its a long story, the short version is that this year I started to rant to the public when Assembly members were going about their lunch hours. During one of them this BBC thing came up, later on a couple of female pensioners came up and said we agree with you over the BBC. Yep they pension you off at 60 and you have to wait until your 70 to have a free TV licence.

Oh those greedy TV people. I ask how come the Monopolies commission has never questioned why not have TV's that block the BBC signal so that the poor can watch independant TV channels or video or even DVD's without having to pay the BBC.

Secretly I have a dream that one day all around the world Sky and Cable customers all cancel their subscriptions on the same day. Guess what would happen, yeah you've got it, they would offer it all for free, just as long as the customers held out. OR at least the bulk of it for free, and demand shares for subscriptions.

Thats when the consumer revolution will really take off, when consumers start to say no way hosay.

The other thing to consider in light of the monopolies commissions failure to act on the consumers behalf, is this will all convictions for the non-payment of the licence fee be quashed due to this oversight by monopolies commissions, and will all current cases be dropped???

its all up to you people.

Best wishes Crazydave. (first published here nov 05

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