Tuesday, October 11, 2005

welsh assembly and the right to peaceful protest


Oh yes, the centre of town protest. In 2004 the local council sent two goons to cut the beautiful banners from these railings.

The council leader still has not answered as to why they lied about having ID, and apparently told him that they were wearing tabbards that marked them as council employees, bulldoody.

So the Police inforced the removal, apparently on the grounds that they were likely to cause a traffic accident. Well the Above were on dislay on the day of our 2005 general election, only this time rather than facing the road, I turned them in to face the pavement. In the background is the local newspaper office.

Once again the police made me remove them due to a complaint, yes the irony, a general election going on in the land, a land of so called democracy but you cannot put protest banners on some railings.

I'd love to find a barrister willing to take this lot on, not least of which is the councils, claim that they own the railings. These a public servants the council is there to serve the people if any one owns anything then these railings belong to the people.

Oh and guess what the excuse was from the TWO SMUG GOONS, laughing at the handy work, oh yeah 'WE ARE ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS'

We all know where we've heard that before guys. Democracy yeah yeah yeah. Oh and the local rag if your interested is called the Western Mail and South Wales Echo, I have my own suspicion as to who made the complaint to the police on that day.

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The welsh assembly sucks

Well in 2000 I wrote to all 60 welsh Assembly members about the ole redesignate houses of multiple occupancy shared homes. 15 replied and 14 of those said protocol forebade them from commenting. It did did it, regardless of the fact that they probably have constituents living in the conditions I've outlined. Why have they allowed themselves to be hide bound like this, is hardly a freedom thing is it. Probably so that they don't have to get involved in real issues maybe, rather than the power game, they all seem so keen to play.

The other for non welsh speakers Dwr Cymru means Welsh Water, well the Assembly members not giving a monkies kinda made that banner inevitable.

Best wishes Crazydave

media blackout n vulnerable adults

Another interior shot. Houses of multiple occupancy, have you ever heard of those. Some property developer or a council or a housing association, all of them get up to it.

Get a property and cut it up into so called flats, that way everyone makes a killing out of the tenant, from the landlord, even the so called social landlords, get extra rent revenue from having properties converted in this manner. Then of course you've got the TV licencing authority here in the U.K. they can charge as many licences as the property now has flats, so for one former house where they only got one fee they can now get 2,3,4,5,6 however many times its cut up into so called flats.

The thing is when you tackle any of the movers and shakers about this stuff, well they are apologist for it all. From the higher rental yeild, the extra water charge when very often there is no probable ussage increase due to sub-division, you get the picture, and who are the tenants of these types of properties, your got it the low waged, the unwaged, the mental health sufferers living in the community, i.e. the vulnerable.

(whoops just found out that the images didn't drop downlike I intended, say sorry to ya)

So yes Councils are making extra out of this, so to housing associations, and not least those private landlords who've been making a nice fat wedge out of the one in four. Thats the rate our local health authority claim will have some form of mental or emotional problem during their life. All scamming the system using houses of multiple occupancy to do it and not anyone I've approached gives a monkies.

Best wishes Crazydave

media blackout n the BBC

Here we go, Sorry about the interior shot but it makes the image more readable. Yep in the u.k. you have to pay a TV licence if you even just have a TV for watching video.

I have asked the chief constable of this area if She can give me the figures on how many people have been either fined, charged courts cost, or been charged £1,000 for none payment since its inception. I've asked one member of each of the parties in the Welsh Assembly if they could find out what they are.

You guessed it so far not one of them has come up with the goods. Suprised? not me. Why choose Grandpa Simpson its a long story, the short version is that this year I started to rant to the public when Assembly members were going about their lunch hours. During one of them this BBC thing came up, later on a couple of female pensioners came up and said we agree with you over the BBC. Yep they pension you off at 60 and you have to wait until your 70 to have a free TV licence.

Oh those greedy TV people. I ask how come the Monopolies commission has never questioned why not have TV's that block the BBC signal so that the poor can watch independant TV channels or video or even DVD's without having to pay the BBC.

Secretly I have a dream that one day all around the world Sky and Cable customers all cancel their subscriptions on the same day. Guess what would happen, yeah you've got it, they would offer it all for free, just as long as the customers held out. OR at least the bulk of it for free, and demand shares for subscriptions.

Thats when the consumer revolution will really take off, when consumers start to say no way hosay.

The other thing to consider in light of the monopolies commissions failure to act on the consumers behalf, is this will all convictions for the non-payment of the licence fee be quashed due to this oversight by monopolies commissions, and will all current cases be dropped???

its all up to you people.

Best wishes Crazydave. (first published here nov 05

media blackout

For those in other countries Rhodri Morgan is the first minister of the Welsh Assembly, abit like Tony Blair as the figure head but without the power of parliament.

After a year of demonstrating outside the Assembly I did this one for the new year. The wording has changed since this photo. I'll blog the new version as soon as I'm able but for those who like to know it now reads 'Rhodri Morgans cabinet cited in torture of mental health patient trial'

Which not only fits my history but was also done for any mental health sufferer who was on a hunger strike outside the Assembly. All because the Minister for health and social services couldn't overide a paychiatrist on her behalf and ring a surgeon who was happy to do an operation. Well you don't go on hunger strike for nothing do you. She was as distressed as I have been, yet the media were more interested in covering the hunger strike of asylum seekers to this country, than the plight of a mental health sufferer.

Yep Captain Fury on the loose. best wishes to us all Crazydave

media blackout of welsh assembly protest

Well ever since starting my weekly visits to the Welsh Assembly at the begining of Feb 2004 this banner has resulted out of their not being interested in any of the issues that directly affect vulnerable adults.

By the way I class anyone whose on the minimum wage as a vulnerable adult. This is situated on the railings of St. Johns church, in the centre of Cardiff, after the council refused to allow me to place them on the railings outside the local newspapers office. I did ask the rev. for the santuary of the railings last year, but while he was on holiday in Italy the city centre security rang him cos his parishioners were miffed, and he denied giving his permission.

Sad bunch, but thats christians for you.