Tuesday, October 11, 2005

media blackout n vulnerable adults

Another interior shot. Houses of multiple occupancy, have you ever heard of those. Some property developer or a council or a housing association, all of them get up to it.

Get a property and cut it up into so called flats, that way everyone makes a killing out of the tenant, from the landlord, even the so called social landlords, get extra rent revenue from having properties converted in this manner. Then of course you've got the TV licencing authority here in the U.K. they can charge as many licences as the property now has flats, so for one former house where they only got one fee they can now get 2,3,4,5,6 however many times its cut up into so called flats.

The thing is when you tackle any of the movers and shakers about this stuff, well they are apologist for it all. From the higher rental yeild, the extra water charge when very often there is no probable ussage increase due to sub-division, you get the picture, and who are the tenants of these types of properties, your got it the low waged, the unwaged, the mental health sufferers living in the community, i.e. the vulnerable.

(whoops just found out that the images didn't drop downlike I intended, say sorry to ya)

So yes Councils are making extra out of this, so to housing associations, and not least those private landlords who've been making a nice fat wedge out of the one in four. Thats the rate our local health authority claim will have some form of mental or emotional problem during their life. All scamming the system using houses of multiple occupancy to do it and not anyone I've approached gives a monkies.

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